Live Concerts

Violin Channel Living Room Concerts –  A great series of online concerts updated daily, including performances on Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano with some of the worlds greatest instrumentalists:

Digital Concert Hall, Berliner Philharmonika –  The Berlin Phil is one of the worlds greatest Orchestras, and they are now offering a free playlist of several concerts, or you can pay a small fee to watch many of the world class performances they have recorded and available.

Royal Albert Hall –  One of the worlds most prestigious music venues is offering their concerts free to view online. You can watch achieved previous sessions, including child focussed sessions such as Opera for kids, jazz for kids, and classical music for kids:

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – The Gothenburg Symphony have compiled several of their concerts in various different genres online to watch online. There’s something for everyone!

Scottish Chamber Orchestra – The Scottish Chamber Orchestra Postcards series gives several short pieces with a short introduction by each performer about a location that is very special to them:

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have added many of their live concerts to their online YouTube channel. You can view many of their concerts at the link below: